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 WEST Maui Massage


West Maui Magic

(our favorite massage)

We combine a 60 minute therapeutic massage with our foot detox

scrub, Hot oil Scalp treatment and organic cocoa butter.

75 min $120.00

Massage Mini Facial Unavailable due to Covid-19 

Starts with a relaxing therapeutic massage and ends with our 30

minute mini facial

90 min $130.00

The Royal Treatment

We combine a body polish, detox foot treatment, hot oil scalp

massage, 75 minute therapeutic massage with Hot stones

and cocoa butter for baby soft skin, and total relaxation.

2 Hours $ 200.00

The Majestic

This is a massage performed by a therapist with at least 20 years

experience,who loves what they do, and is committed to learning

new techniques, and always looking for ways to help the body

heal itself. This work is fabulous for people recovering from

injury, dealing with chronic pain or someone looking to have the

ultimate massage experience. There is no set routine, we work

with your body to unwind you, free adhered muscle tissue,

increase range of motion, and help release long held pain

patterns in the body.

           2 Hrs $ 200.00 

         (Subject to availability)